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As part of an internal reorganisation of the CBC group, the business of CBC (EUROPE) Limited has been transferred to CBC (EUROPE) GmbH UK Branch. With effect from 1 October 2012.

Contact Address:


Unit 9 Garrick Road Industrial Estate, Irving Way, London, NW9 6AQ

Tel: +44(0)20 8732 3300

Fax: +44(0)20 8202 3387

General Email:

Switch Board   020 8732 3300
Sales (UK & Ireland)   020 8732 3310/3346
Sales (Exports)   00 44 20 8732 3354
Technical/Returns   020 8732 3339/3355
Logistics   020 8732 3349
Marketing   020 8732 3312
Accounts   020 8732 3320
Chemical Division   020 8732 3314
General Fax   020 8202 3387
Sales Email
General Email
Technical Support


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York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

With the implementation of CBCs’ video management system- Cortrol, the NHS is able to combine their CCTV infrastructure in a secure platform enabling robust effective use of CCTV in line with their systems stated purpose -Crime detection and Public Safety.

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Ganz Solutions Brochure

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